Pick up and Drop off Service available for busy dog owners

For more services Billie offers for Dogs go to The Sussex Dog Retreat

Puppy Grooms also available.

Small Dogs.
Affenpinscher £29.00
Bichon Frise £35.00
Border Terrier – Clipped £35.00
Cairn Terrier £30.00
Cavachon £30.00
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel £35.00
Chihuahua £29.00
Cotton Du Telear £30.00
Dandie Dinmont Terrier £35.00
Jack Russell £35.00
Lhasa Apso £35.00
Maltese £35.00
Miniature Dachshund £30.00
Miniature Pinscher £25.00
Miniature Schnauzer £35.00
Norfolk Terrier £35.00
Pomeranian £32.00
Pug £22.00
Toy Poodle £37.00
Miniature Poodle £40.00
Shih Tzu £35.00
Tibetan Terrier £38.00
Tibetan Spaniel £35.00
West Highland Terrier £35.00
Yorkshire Terrier £35.00
Medium Dogs.
Beagle £31.00
Bedlington Terrier £37.00
Border Collie £40.00
Cocker Spaniel £35.00
Cockerpoo £37.00
Corgi £31.00
Dachshund £35.00
Wire Haired Fox Terrier £35.00
Greyhound £29.00
Irish Terrier £38.00
Kerry Blue Terrier £38.00
Lakeland Terrier £35.00
Schnauzer £40.00
Shetland Sheepdog £39.00
Springer Spaniel £35.00
Staffordshire Bull Terrier £25.00
Welsh Terrier £35.00
Large Dogs.
Afghan Hound £45.00
Airedale Terrier £52.00
Akita £40.00
Alaskan Terrier £52.00
Basset Hound £37.00
Bearded Collie £52.00
Chow Chow £40.00
Doberman £40.00
English Setter £40.00
German Shepherd £40.00
Giant Schnauzer £46.00
Golden Retriever £40.00
Goldendoodle £52.00
Irish Setter £40.00
Italian Setter £50.00
Labrador £35.00
Labradoodle £52.00
Old English Sheepdog £52.00
Rottweiler £37.00
Samoyed £50.00
Standard Poodle £62.00
Tibetan Mastiff £47.00
Extra Large Dogs.
Bernese Mountain £62.00
Great Dane £50.00
Irish Wolfhound £57.00
Mastiff £55.00
Newfoundland £62.00
St Bernard £55.00

The Above prices include as standard.

  • DE-SHEDDING TREATMENTS, carried out on appropriate breeds.

– This helps prevent shedding in your home for up to 1 month and improves coat condition. 

            Initial grooms are based on time and charged at £21 per hour.

  • These prices are based upon dogs groomed every 4 to 8 weeks and having no severe matts and good coat condition.
  • Anything more than 15 minutes of knot removal is chargeable at an extra £15 -£20 per hour, depending on size of dog. This is because the groom will take longer than the time allowed and therefore is at additional cost. This is also for the welfare of the dog as we need to take our time when de-matting, to ensure the comfort of your loved one.


Hand Stripping.

We will gladly hand strip your dog’s coat for an additional fee (providing the coat is ready to be stripped or is suitable for hand stripping. We only use kind and more gentle methods of hand stripping by making use of a carding stone, coat king and thinning scissors, when the hair is not yet ready to shed.

Prices are as follows:

Small Dog                  £10

Medium Dog             £15

Large Dog                  £20

Very Large Dog       £25.


          Price dependant on size of the dog and product used.

  • Treatment Shampoo’s that contain Evening Primrose Oil. (EPO.)
  • EPO – Mild, Gentle and helps improve the coat and skin.
  • Vet Grade EPO – for dog’s with particularly itchy and sensitive skin e.g. Westies.
  • Blue Pearl Coat Enhancer – Developed to brighten white breeds e.g. Bichon.
  • Ebony Coat Enhancer – Developed to deepen the coat of dark coated breed’s e.g. flat coated retriever.
  • Copper Coat Enhancer – Contains EPO, Developed to enrich colour of copper coat breeds e.g. Irish Setter.

Other Treatment Shampoo’s.

  • Crown Coat Shampoo with Royal Jelly – Contains pure royal jelly for all round conditioner and general wellbeing.
  • Seaweed and cucumber – Developed for dry coats.
  • Aromatherapy Shampoo- Soothes whilst being bathed. Deep cleansing with lavender and mint.
  • Medicated Shampoo with Tea Tree Oil – Developed to clean dirty and greasy coats; contains natural products, to maintain healthy skin and coat.

Arrange a visit for your puppy as soon as he’s been vaccinated so he can be gently introduced to the grooming table, equipment etc, in a positive, gentle manner.

Willingdon Road,
01323 351271

Dog Grooming in the Eastbourne area. 

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